School Meals

School Meals, Snacks and Water

All children in the main school are entitled to a free school meal every day. This may be a hot dinner, with a vegetarian option available, and pudding, a jacket potato with a filling of the day or a snack pack. Everything is freshly prepared and is cooked on the premises by our meals provider, Norse.

Meals and choices need to be ordered on a weekly basis and menu is sent home.


At morning break, free fruit/vegetables are provided for all the children every day. They may also have milk which may be ordered and paid for through the ‘Cool Milk’ scheme - details available from the school office.

Each child is asked to have a water bottle in their classroom and is encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the school day.

The Spring Summer Menu is being extended into the Autumn term this year.

Spring Summer Autumn Extended Menu 2018

Spring Summer Packed Lunch Menu 2018

Vegetarian picture menu

This Weeks School Dinner Menu