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SIMS Parent

"Pupils have a thirst for learning and persevere to do their best. They are very enthusiastic about their school and feel very safe. They behave outstandingly well." Ofsted

Click this link to access SIMS Parent:     SIMS Parent login  


About SIMS Parent

An essential part of our work together involves forming a strong partnership between children, home and school so that we can best support your child. A key aspect of this partnership is regular communication.  We are using SIMS Parent, which is an online system, accessed either as a website via a link on the school website or a downloaded app, as our method of communicating key information to you.

SIMS Parent is used to share with you the following information regarding your child:

  • achievements
  • attendance
  • school calendar

How to access SIMS parent (website)

Once you have been invited to join SIMS Parent and you have set up your account, please use the link above to access SIMS Parent. The website can only be accessed via this link.

You will then be required to log in to SIMS Parent using your email address login details which you used to activate your account.

How to access SIMS parent (app) 

Once you have been invited to join SIMS Parent and you have set up your account, the SIMS Parent app can be downloaded for free from either the Apple app store or the Google Play store. On either of the stores on a smartphone or tablet, please search for SIMS Parent and follow the download and registration instructions.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can use your email address login details to access your SIMS Parent account.

How to get help with your SIMS Parent?

We have a SIMS Parent booklet which provides you with guidance for SIMS Parent:  SIMS Parent booklet

Alternatively, please email the school office if you require any help with SIMS Parent to

Acceptable Use Procedure

In order to use SIMS Parent, all parents/carers must agree to the Acceptable Use Procedure. This is emailed to you by the school office when you are invited to activate your account. Please ensure that you read the AUP before activating your account as by clicking on the link in the activation email you are agreeing to the AUP.

ALF SIMS Parent Acceptable Use Procedure

How to set up your SIMS Parent account from the invite email

Once you have received your invite email, please click the link in the email and follow the guidance in our SIMS Parent booklet. By clicking on the link and therefore activating your account you are also agreeing to the SIMS Parent Acceptable Use Procedure.

How to register for your SIMS Parent account

All parents/carers must register for SIMS Parent in order to access the key information being shared with them. To request your login details from the school please email  naming the students for whom you are requesting access.

As you will appreciate, it is essential that we take great care with this process to ensure not only that the data we provide is accurate and valid but also that it is held and transferred securely.  We take our responsibility under the Data Protection Act very seriously and therefore we will be taking great care to ensure that access to this data is available only to those entitled.  SIMS Parent is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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