John of Gaunt Infant School
Hungate Street, Aylsham NR11 6JZ
Tel: 01263 732844

John Bear’s Nursery
Norwich Road, Aylsham, NR11 6JG
Tel: 01263 734028

School opening hours

The School Day

The times of day are as follows:

Morning Session: 8.50 am – 12 noon
Lunch Break: 12.00 noon – 1.00 pm
Afternoon Session: 1.00 pm – 3.10 pm

There is a mid-morning break from 10.30am – 10.50 am

Total weekly hours: 31 hours 40 minutes

We request that children are not left in the playground unaccompanied before
8.50 am as there are no facilities for their supervision before this time.
We encourage punctuality and ask that you ensure that your child arrives in good
time for the start of the school day.

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