John Bear’s Nursery

"The flowers of all our tomorrows are the seeds of today"


The Nursery staff have really helped my child to settle and I feel confident that my child is safe and happy.


It's really lovely


Our brand new John Bear's Nursery is now open!

Our new purpose built Nursery is over the field from the main school with our own car park accessed via Norwich Road.  There is also a footpath from the gate on Norwich Road and a footpath across the field from the main school. We have our own fenced-off outdoor door area along with access to our school's woodland area and fields.

Children can join John Bear's Nursery after their third birthday. We have flexible hours available from 7.30 am in the morning until 6 pm in the evening for 50 weeks a year.

Regular updates and information can be found by following our Facebook page

John Bear's Nursery Facebook Page

Clothing for John Bear's Nursery

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which Nursery and Reception classes follow, is about learning through play, creativity and discovery and most of all making learning fun!


This is the earliest stage of a child’s education at school, and covers the Nursery and Reception classes. It is called the Foundation Stage because it gives the children secure foundations for later learning.

The Early Years Foundation Stage provides a secure and supportive environment where children can:

  • settle into school life;
  • learn to work and play as a member of a group;
  • develop good relationships with other children and adults in the class;
  • grow in self confidence develop a positive attitude to learning.

Children are encouraged to select their own activities as well as join in activities with adults. These activities cover a broad range of learning, making the most of the indoor and outdoor environments.

Children learn through having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments. We also aim to help children to develop in the characteristics of effective learning:

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active learning and creating
  • Thinking critically.

EYFS Curriculum Information