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We greatly value our home school relationship and helping your child at home is very beneficial.

In our Nursery class there is a daily diary task for you complete with your child when you come to Nursery. The task diary can be taken home at weekends and holidays for you to record any special moments or achievements.
Our Story Sack library is also available for you to borrow a Story Sack and share it at home as well as choosing a book every day from the Nursery library.

The children in the Reception classes also have a home school diary which is sent home weekly with a task to complete at home and also include any special news or achievements.
The children choose a book from the classroom and when they are ready a reading book is sent home. Find a quiet time to share, read and talk about the book.

Year One and Two
Daily Reading - a reading book is sent home everyday. Please read and discuss the book with your child. As your child makes progress it is important that as well as reading you discuss the following:

  • Discuss the title
  • Who are the characters? What are their speaking voices like?
  • What might happen next?
  • Can you find any punctuation?
  • Did you enjoy the book and why?

Weekly Spelling Challenge - Each week a set of spellings is sent home to learn. Remember to write the words down and add them to a sentence.

Weekly Challenge - Each week a task is set to complete at home to reinforce work that we are doing in class. This may be related to a topic we are doing or a range of different curriculum subjects.

Each week the children go to our school library to choose a book that interests them which they can take home and share.
Don't forget to pop into Aylsham Library for more wonderful books as well as activities.

We love to hear what the children have been learning at home!

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